• This card can combo well with "Anti-Spell Fragrance", as that Trap Card can either be used to Summon this card or render your opponent's Spell Cards vulnerable to this card's effect.
  • Use cards like "Reasoning" and "Monster Gate" to help boost this card's ATK (preferably after this card is Summoned).
  • Use Trap Cards that have maintenance costs, like "Mirror Wall", so that you can skip on paying their costs in order to power this card up.
  • "Imperial Custom" can protect the cards that are need for Tribute and can be used as Tribute itself.
  • Note that you don't necessarily need Continuous Trap Cards to Special Summon this card, just Trap Cards that stay on the field. As such, you can use Equip Trap Cards to Summon this card, but at the cost of not contributing towards this card's ATK.

Traditional Format

  • You can use "Painful Choice" to send 4 continuous Trap Cards to the Graveyard to have "Uria" gain 4,000 ATK.
  • Destroy any Continuous Traps you control with "Heavy Storm" to increase this card's ATK, with the added benefit of destroying the opponent's Spells/Traps.