• This card is useful against high-ATK "Xyz Monster" Decks, which easily overwhelmed the opponent with a single detach.
  • If your opponent has just one Xyz Monster, Summon this card in Defense Position, so that you can avoid a double K.O. attack from your opponent and keep this card in the field until its ATK surpasses the opponent monster's.
  • "Xyz Reborn" this monster when your opponent sets up their field and then detach at the turn of the phase.
  • Use "Overlay Capture" if your opponent has "Evolzar Dolkka" or other similar effect Xyz Monsters to not only prevent this card from being negated and/or destroyed later, but to also give it another material.
  • Use "Safe Zone" and/or "Forbidden Lance" to prevent cards like "Breakthrough Skill" and that ilk from negating or destroying your monster.
    • If in a chain, "Lance" would resolve before this card, meaning there is no ATK actually lost if this is the first time its effect is used.
      • Similarly, "Lance" can protect this card from the negative effect of "Safe Zone", as well as allow it to attack directly should the opportunity arise.
  • Since this card's effect can only be used on your opponents main phases, you can use "Effect Veiler" to protect it from your opponent's monster effects that can be used in response to this card's effect.
  • This card works well in a "Heraldic Beast" Deck, as it can easily get out Rank 4 Monsters.