• This card can also be quickly special summoned with "Fossil Excavation" with its effect negated so you can use it freely: simply set this trap, find a way to send "Ultimate Tyranno" to the graveyard (such as using "Card Destruction" to send it from your hand) and then activate "Fossil Excavation" on the next turn and special summon "Ultimate Tyranno".
  • This card is good in a "Evol" Deck, by tributing one "Najasho" or two when you summon this card, to activate its effect to then special summon "Evolsaur" monsters from your deck. If you tributed two "Najasho" you can special summon two "Evolsaur" monsters and then use them to Xyz Summon or improve your field combined with other "Evolsaur" special summoning.
  • The Ultimate Tyranno OTK centers around the effect of "Ultimate Tyranno" to attack any and all of the opponents monsters. Whereas quite a number of combos are theoretically possible, the most realistic seems to be: Summon three Ojama tokens using "Ojama Trio". Switch them to Attack Position using "Final Attack Orders"/"All-Out Attacks" or Equip "Big Bang Shot" to "Ultimate Tyranno". Attack the tokens to inflict more than 8000 Battle Damage to your opponent.
    • With "Daigusto Sphreez" on the field in a tailored Gusto deck, a player can potentially pull off an Ultimate Tyranno OTK play while they also have at least one other Gusto search effect monster on the field (specifically "Gusto Gulldo", "Gusto Egul" or "Winda, Priestess of Gusto") too in face-up attack position.
      1. During your turn, find any way possible to put "Ultimate Tyranno" in your graveyard (recommended to use "Trade-In" or "Foolish Burial", but you can use "Hand Destruction", "Into the Void" or a card with a discard cost if you accidently drew it) and stop your opponent from banishing it or returning it to your deck.
      2. During your opponent's Draw Phase, activate "Give and Take" to Special Summon "Ultimate Tyranno" from your graveyard to your opponent's side of the field and increase the Level of whatever monster you choose by 8.
      3. Activate "Battle Mania" next during their Standby Phase.
      4. During their Main Phase 1 complete the field set up by negating anything that will remove "Ultimate Tyranno" or "Daigusto Sphreez" from the field or place either in face-down defense position to avoid battle.
      5. On their Battle Phase they will now be forced to attack "Daigusto Sphreez" for 1,000LP damage, following by the reflected battle damage from every other Gusto monster battled, destroyed and Special Summoned in attack position during the same turn until you run out of Gusto monsters to summon or your opponent runs out of life points (14,900LP reflected battle damage is possible with this tactic through "Gusto Gulldo", "Gusto Egul" and "Winda, Priestess of Gusto" being repeatedly summoned in the correct sequence and an additional 1,800LP damage if the final monster summoned is "Kamui, Hope of Gusto").
    • Use "Survival of the Fittest" to increase this card's ATK by 1000, which well help this card deal with monsters such as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Super Conductor Tyranno", and other monsters that have 3000 to 3900 ATK points. If your life points are and will remain lower, "Megamorph" will increase this card's ATK to 8000, more than enough to destroy most monsters in battle or even OTK the opponent, even if there are monsters that can't be destroyed by battle. Use cards such as "Fairy Meteor Crush" or "Meteorain" to ensure your opponent takes damage even if their monsters are in defense position.
  • Combine this card with "Lineage of Destruction" if you need to attack a Defense Position monster, so after it attacks it along with all of your opponent's other monsters (if there are any) and destroys them it can attack again once more directly.
    • Use "Rising Energy" and other ATK power boosting cards with this tactic to increase the odds of "Ultimate Tyranno" being able to strike for a OTK direct attack.

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