• Use "Insect Imitation" on any Level 4 monster you may have on the field to summon "Ultimate Insect LV5" from your deck. On your next Standby Phase, you'll search out and summon this card and have a powerful monster with a powerful weakening effect.
  • Use "Light of Intervention" to ensure this card and it's previous forms do not loose their effects to cards that flip them face-down.
  • Use "Rising Air Current" to supplement the ATK-decreasing effect, effectively giving Ultimate Insect a 1200 ATK advantage over enemy monsters. In these conditions, your opponent will need a monster with over 3900 ATK to beat it.
  • Use "Cross-Sword Beetle" in conjunction with this card. "Ultimate Insect LV7" also reduces the opponent's monsters' DEF, and "Cross-Sword Beetle" grants piercing damage to all your Insects, so you'll be doing a lot of damage to a defending opponent with both cards out.
  • If you have "King Tiger Wanghu" on the field, any monster that your opponent summons with 2100 ATK or less will be destroyed.
  • Use this card alongside "Spyder Spider" to possibly special summon another Ultimate Insect from your graveyard, as your opponent will not want to Normal Summon due to the weakened attack. This can allow you to continue to level up your monsters, weakening the opponent's monsters further.

Traditional Format