• With 2 "Ultimate Baseball Kids" on the field and 3 "Solar Flare Dragons," the ATK of this card would be 4500. You can also inflict 1500 damage with the 3 "Solar Flare Dragons" along with the other Direct Damage inflicted by this card.
    • You can also use cards like "Double Attack" on one "Ultimate Baseball Kid" or one "Solar Flare Dragon" to potentially OTK your opponent.
  • "Command Knight" works well in protecting and powering up this monster.
  • You can create an OTK with this card. You need 3 "Ultimate Baseball Kids" by special summoning one from the graveyard with cards like "Monster Reborn" and then play "Inferno Reckless Summon" so that you can get all 3 of them onto the field with each with an attack of 2500 each. Use a card that clears the opponent's field like "Lightning Vortex" and you attack directly you can cause 7500 damage. Then you can offer one of them because of their other effect to tribute a FIRE monster to cause 500 more points a damage for a total of 8000 Damage.
  • This card works very well in a "Volcanic" Deck, as all of the monsters of that archetype are Pyro-Type, and when combined with "Blaze Accelerator" and "Tri-Blaze Accelerator", this card can deal a lot of Burn damage when combined with that archetype.
  • This card works well with "Rekindling". First, Normal Summon your "Ultimate Baseball Kid", then activate "Rekindling" to Special Summon up to 4 FIRE monsters from your Graveyard and boosting "Ultimate Baseball Kid" to 4500 ATK. After attacking your opponent in succession, you can then begin to tribute your "Rekindled" monsters for 500 burn damage to your opponent each, also avoiding them from being banished. Decks that work well with this combo are "Fire King" and "Laval".
  • This card can be Pendulum Summoned in an "Igknight" or "Metalfoes" Deck alongside a few of the archetype's monsters to get a quick high ATK beatstick.

Traditional Format

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