• If you don't fear your opponent's potential responses to your attacks, attack with this card first, then attack with your other "U.A." monsters during the same Battle Phase, using this card's effect for their attacks.
    • If you fear your opponent's potential responses to your attacks, just attack with "U.A. Mighty Slugger" and use this card's effect to boost that monster's ATK. As a result, your opponent will also be unable to respond to this card's effect.
  • After using this card's effect, during your Main Phase 2, Special Summon another "U.A" monster by returning this monster to your hand, so that you don't have to suffer the consequences of this monster having low ATK. Additionally, the next time you Summon this card, it will have its original ATK.
    • Alternatively, if you control "U.A. Midfielder" and "U.A. Stadium", you can keep this card on the field as a sort of bait. If your opponent is tempted to attack either "Midfielder" or this weakened monster, you can use the effect of "Midfielder" to swap this card with a stronger "U.A." monster in your hand when they do so. At that point, the effect of "Stadium" will activate, increasing your monsters' ATK. This can be helpful as a recovery from the following aggressive strategy:
      • During your Battle Phase, if this card is in your hand, and you control "U.A. Midfielder", "U.A. Stadium", and a "U.A." monster(s) with a different name from this card and "Midfielder", attack with 1 of those monsters first (except "Midfielder"). Then, use the effect of "Midfielder" to swap the monster that attacked with this card in your hand. The effect of "Stadium" will activate (if you haven't Special Summoned a "U.A." monster this turn yet), increasing all of your monsters' ATK. Immediately attack with this card first (if possible), then attack with your other monsters, using this card's effect for each of their attacks. This can result in a potential OTK.

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