• Normal Summon this card to easily trigger the effect of "U.A. Stadium".
  • Use this card's effect to have some limited control over "U.A. Turnover Tactics", regarding which of your "U.A." monsters you shuffle into the Main Deck.
  • Use this card's effect during your Battle Phase to attack with more monsters.
  • Use this card's effect to save at least 1 of your "U.A." monsters from your opponent's card effects or attacks.
    • If one of your monsters is attacked and would be destroyed by battle, but you control "U.A. Stadium", use this card's effect to swap out a "U.A." monster (potentially the attack target) and Special Summon another "U.A." monster from your hand, which will activate the ATK-boosting effect of "U.A. Stadium" (but also causing a replay).
      • Specifically, you can Summon "U.A. Goalkeeper" if the attack target's ATK will still be low enough, and use its effect to protect this card.
  • Use this card's effect to help get a "U.A." monster to the field, which has already Special Summoned itself during this turn by its own effect (but which you had to return to the hand during the same turn for certain reasons).

Traditional Format

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