• This card is devastating against Dragon Ruler Decks that rely on Special Summoning the Rulers for Synchro/Xyz Summons.
  • Use this card together with "Tyrant's Tirade", "Soul Drain" (along with "Imperial Custom") to trap your opponent into an almost unbreakable lock. They are unable to activate Effect Monsters anywhere and/or Special Summon. This is quite a formidable Anti-Meta strategy (though you would need to Tribute 3 monsters to activate this lock)
    • Special Summon a "Hero Kid", as he will bring 3 of them wat once with his effect and use them all as Tribute fodders for the Tyrant's Trap Cards.
  • An "Angel O7" together with this card and "Imperial Custom" will stop most main-Deck Effect and Nomi monsters your opponent might use (Stardust Dragon, Exiled Force, DAD, etc.), though not Xyz Monsters if your opponent can gather Materials with Spell/Trap Cards or inherent Special Summons.

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