• This card can also work with monsters whose effects activate in the Graveyard. An example is "Plaguespreader Zombie", who has an Ignition Effect that revives itself from the Graveyard. Note: Do not mistake this meaning as in "can be used AGAINST Plaguespreader" , but by tributing Plaguespreader to revive him later.
  • An easy-to-do strategy would be combining this card with "Soul Drain". Your opponent would be unable to activate Monster Effects anywhere (field, hand, Graveyard and/or Banished Zone). Bear in mind, though, that they may still use "Jinzo" to bypass this lock
  • Combine this with Skill Drain to block the effects of those monsters that don't require activations, giving an almost total lockdown on all abilities. Adding Macro Cosmos should make nearly every creature effect in the game useless (since nothing will go to the graveyard).

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