• This is a great card to combine with "Hieratic" monsters.
  • If you control 2 monsters, (A weaker one and a stronger one), when your opponent declares an attack against the weaker one, tribute it as a cost for this card, causing a Replay.
  • This card works well in an "Ice Barrier" Deck, giving you even more control of the field, making your monsters immune to Trap Cards. Tribute an "Ice Barrier" monster and revive it with "General Gantala of the Ice Barrier" during the End Phase.
  • If you summon a monster from your graveyard (such as the tributed monster) with cards like "Call of the Haunted", that monster will remain on the field even when detached from the trap that revived it.
  • You can use this card in "Ally of Justice" Decks that uses "DNA Transplant".
    • A combo with this card and "DNA Transplant" also works with "Koa'ki Meirus" and cards like "Consecrated Light" (although this will not stop your opponent from summoning monsters that are originally non-DARK).
    • You can now help your Monsters with DARK supports cards.
  • Use with "Skill Drain" to only negate your opponent's monster effects.
  • You can use this card in combination with "Non-Spellcasting Area" and "Skill Drain" in a Burn Deck. Which will make all your Gemini/Normal monsters immune to all your opponents cards on the field, but their monsters still affected by yours if their Deck consists of mostly Effect Monsters.
    • Also you can get around the effect of "Non-Spellcasting Area", so you can use cards such as Equip Spells, with you Gemini monsters is using their Gemini Summon to be treated as an Effect Monster even with "Skill Drain" still out on the field. (because "Skill Drain" will only negate the effect of your Gemini Monster, and your monster will still be treated as an Effect Monster)
  • This card works pretty well with "Splendid Venus" together with "Skill Drain"/"Tyrant's Tirade" (together with "Imperial Custom"). You'll be able to negate many Monster Effects your opponent uses and your opponent cannot negate your Traps. As a reward, all monsters your opponent controls (except for Fairies) have ATK decreased.
  • This card works extremely well in an Aesir deck. You can tribute the tokens left behind by "Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts" for its cost. You can then attack freely with your Aesir without fear of running into traps like "Mirror Force" or Scrap Iron Scarecrow.
    • Also, in an Aesir deck, an evil combo to try when this card is active on the field would be to use "Torrential Tribute" when your Aesir revives. Your opponents monsters would be destroyed but your Aesir and other monsters are safe. Attack during your next turn for a possible OTK, since you have no worry of running into traps.

Traditional Format

  • You can combo this card with "Royal Oppression", preventing your own Special Summons from being negated.

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