• Unless you are attempting to use this card's effect to activate it from your hand, cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Dust Tornado" and other similar Spell/Trap destruction will provide more effective use.
  • This card's ability to be activated from the Hand is extremely useful, especially during your opponent's first turn in order to disrupt your opponent's plays using Continuous Spell Cards, Field Spell Cards, and/or Pendulum Monsters when activated as a Pendulum Scale. While this effectiveness is reduced after the first turn, the ability to activate this card from the Hand remains a possibility for a surprise later in the Duel, such as countering "Vanity's Emptiness" while you are Special Summoning.
  • If you are attempting a Deck that requires low or no amounts of Spell/Traps on your field, this card is always available for a quick Spell/Trap removal. This aids plays using "Treeborn Frog" and other such self-revivers.

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