• This card works great against cards like "Spirit Reaper" and "Marshmallon" since they cannot be destroyed by Battle and are usually placed in Defense Position.
  • Use this card to make your opponent regret activating Token cards. Most Token cards (like "Scapegoat") have 0 DEF.
  • Equip this monster with "Rainbow Veil" for attacking, cause damage and negate effects too, thus creating an almost unstoppable attacking monster.
  • Even if the first attack doesn't destroy the monster, you still can attack a second time on a different monster, or, in the case of "Dark Resonator" or "Fortress Warrior", finish the first monster.
  • This card works well with "Ojama Trio" for some quick damage.
  • This card is also ideal for "Scapegoat" countering, as it can deal 3200 life points in damage each turn for 2 turns.

Traditional Format

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