• You can either discard one card to summon "The Tricky" and use "One for One" to summon "Turbo Synchron", or discard one monster to summon "Quickdraw Synchron" and use "One for One" to summon any other non-tuner monster.
  • "Stygian Dirge" can make this card resistant to more of your opponent's monster effects, but able to contend with less of your opponent's synchro monsters in battle.
  • Turbo Warrior is one of the few ways to easily defeat "Stardust Dragon". If your opponent controls Stardust and you control no monsters, you can special summon "Cyber Dragon" or "The Tricky" and normal summon "Turbo Synchron". Alternatively you could normal summon "Apocatequil" and activate "One for One" to special summon Turbo Synchron. If "Turbo Warrior" attacks "Stardust Dragon", the latter is destroyed with his original ATK halved.
  • Discard "Dandylion" to special summon "Quickdraw Synchron", and use "Quickdraw" and a Fluff token to synchro summon this card.
  • This card can handle itself extremely well against Monarch played decks as all Monarch are LVL 6 and have 2400 ATK compared to his 2500 also all their effects target which he is immune too.
  • This card can seriously hamper an Aesir-based deck with its effect.
  • A good combo would be to use Scapegoat during your opponents End Phase and then during your turn, Normal Summon Turbo Synchron and use Synchro Boost so it gains a level. Then use it with the 4 Tokens to Synchro Summon this card with 5 Materials. Then activate Synchro Strike to have a 5000 ATK beatstick.

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