• Use this card with "Spirit Barrier" so you don't take any damage while you can still inflict damage to opponent.
  • You can use this card with "Turbo Booster" to destroy a monster your opponent controls and inflict some damage.
  • You can summon "Turbo Synchron", attack any of your opponent's monsters and switch it to defense position by its effect, then you can special summon "Turbo Rocket" from your hand (by taking any battle damage) with "Turbo Synchron's" effect and attack again with "Turbo Rocket" to inflict effect damage. Also, this works well if you want to Synchro summon twice per turn, because both cards are Tuners.
  • This card can be used in combination with "Volcanic Counter". By attacking, you not only deal damage by it´s own effect but also deal extra damage by "Volcanic Counter's" effect.
  • Use this card along with "Barrier Resonator" to attack a monster and do damage without taking any damage yourself.

Traditional Format

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