• Combine this card with "Imperial Iron Wall" for a Level 1 Tuner monster that can continually be reused for Synchro Summon Level ladders.
    • This also works well with "Jet Synchron". As such, it's a good idea to run both, so they can be re-Summoned to get two Synchros off each turn instead of one thanks to their once per turn restrictions.
    • If "Imperial Iron Wall" is not out, this card could instead be used for a Rank 1 Xyz Summon, which would prevent it from being banished as Xyz Materials aren't considered as leaving the field if they're detached, giving yourself a another chance to use it for later.
  • This card's effect doesn't activate if Flip Summoned, so if possible, one can Flip Summon it to get a free Synchro without losing LP.
    • If this card is banished and your opponent has at least one banished monster, use "Different Dimension Encounter" to bring it back to the field in face-down Defense Position. Then it can be Flip Summoned, avoiding its drawback in the process, and use it for a Synchro Summon.
  • When Normal/Special Summoning this card, its effect damage can be taken advantage by using cards like "Barrel Behind the Door", "Trap of Board Eraser" or "Damage Polarizer". "Barrel Behind the Door" lets your opponent take the damage instead, "Trap of Board Eraser" negates the effect damage and makes them discard 1 card from their hand, and lastly "Damage Polarizer", negates the effect damage and gives both players an extra draw.
    • Another way of taking advantage of the effect damage is to have your LP lower than your opponent and using cards like "Megamorph", "Unstable Evolution" or "Soul Strike".
    • After taking damage from this card's effect, "Guard Penguin" or "D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas" from your hand can be Special Summoned and regain the LP lost, then go for a Synchro Summon using those monsters. If there is a "Magician" Pendulum cards for both of your scales, all these can be done without even using your Normal Summon.
    • After your opponent gains LP, you can summon "Performapal Life Swordsman".
  • After this card is banished due to it's effect, "Escape from the Dark Dimension" can be used to Special Summon this card back to the field for another Synchro Summon. This card won't be banished again if it leaves the field this way and would set yourself up for another Synchro Summon in the next turn.
  • Use this card with "Prime Material Dragon" or "Rainbow Life" to increase your own LP instead of taking damage.
  • Use this card to Synchro Summon "Black-Winged Dragon" or "Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon" and, if you have magician pendulum cards in your pendulum zones to special summon it from the Graveyard so you can use your new Synchro monster's effect.
  • You can use this card's Life Point effect to your advantage by using "Asleep at the Switch" alongside it. When your opponent gains the 400 Life Points from "Tuning Magician's" effect, you can retaliate by activating the Trap and destroying one monster on their field, effectively rendering the Life Point gain moot, and possibly leaving them open to a direct attack with a powerful Synchro Monster summoned by this card.

Traditional Format