• Even more so than most Gemini monsters it is far more favorable to play this from your deck (via "Gemini Soldier") or Graveyard (via "Birthright" or "Swing of Memories") rather than your hand, so you can preserve your Normal Summons for other, more powerful Gemini monsters.
  • Another alternative way is to equip this card with "Supervise" while a face-up Level 4 or lower monster is on the field. Synchro Summon an appropriate Synchro Monster (if the Level of the non-Tuner is 4 the appropriate Synchro Monster is "Black Brutdrago" for Gemini monsters or any powerful Level 8 Synchro Monster for non-Gemini) and use the effect of "Supervise" to Special Summon this card or another Gemini monster to gain an additional powerful beatstick.
  • A good way to quickly Synchro Summon a Level 8 Synchro Monster is to use this card with "Gemini Scorpion", Normal or Special Summon "Gemini Scorpion" and Special Summon "Tuned Magician" from your hand then equip it with "Supervise".

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