• Equip "Truckroid" with "Moon Mirror Shield" to guarantee that it can attack over any opponents monster, no matter how high their ATK or DEF is.
  • Equip "Truckroid" with "Mage Power" and "Truckroid" will also have an added 500 point boost for its effect on using monsters as Equip Cards.
  • Use "Shield & Sword" with this card so that "Truckroid" can have a quick attack against your opponent's monsters with a strong ATK, and equip quickly.
  • It is advisable to weaken opponent's monsters with "Shrink", then attack them with "Truckroid", to gain a maximum (usually) of 2900 ATK (1900 + 1000).
  • Since many monsters have low DEF, try "Stumbling" to soften them up for easy acquisition.
  • Note that you still have a maximum of only 5 Spell/Trap Zones. Use cards that can send Equip Cards to the Graveyard to free up zones, such as "Release Restraint Wave" or "Emergency Provisions", leaving only the absolute strongest monsters equipped to "Truckroid".
  • Once sufficiently powered, summon monsters like "Lava Golem" or "Volcanic Queen" to get rid of any problematic monsters under your opponent's control, while simultaneously equipping a powerful monster to "Truckroid" (this can be used against monsters that can't be destroyed by battle or have otherwise detrimental effects that can't simply be removed by an attack from "Truckroid").
  • Use with "Ojama Country". The monster's ATK and DEF will be switched on the field, and revert back to their normal ATKs once equipped to "Truckroid". "Truckroid" itself will also have 2000 base ATK.

Traditional Format

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