• Use this card in a "Monarch" Deck to have infinite Tributes for more "Monarchs", provided they can survive the opponents turn.
    • You can utilize "Escalation of the Monarchs" to Tribute this card on your opponent's turn, removing it from danger and summoning it back before the start of your own turn.
    • Add in "Return of the Monarchs" to search out a "Monarch" from your Deck to Tribute this card for each time you perform a Tribute Summon.
  • This card would work well in a "Steelswarm" deck as constant tribute fodder.
    • However, keep in mind that if you use this for a Steelswarm tribute summon that you probably won't get the effect since Steelswarm require you to tribute a Steelswarm monster.
  • In a deck using the three Egyptian Gods, you can tribute 3 "Tri-Stars" to summon the Egyptian God and, if you keep them around for one more turn and happen to have another, you can tribute them again for another Egyptian God.

Traditional Format

  • This card could also work very well with "Ultimate Offering" by tributing them during the opponents Battle Phase, they will be Special Summoned before your own turn.

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