• This card can be useful in a Mirror Match or at least if some of your monsters have the same type as most of the opponent's.
    • An example of this is using this card in a HERO side deck against Six Samurai.
  • You can make a Toolbox Deck, where you'll add all the Types of monsters that your tournaments have around. This way you can use this card to your advantage. For example, "Battle Fader" is a useful and searchable Fiend-Type monster, that can be used for this card's effect against Dark World.
  • Use this card with "D.D. Scout Plane" to destroy all of your opponent's Machine-type monsters, and have "D.D. Scout Plane" Special Summon itself during the End Phase.
  • This card works well in a deck with a lot of monsters with different types, as you can have one different type for one different situation. A good example is Wind-Up.
  • Combine with "DNA Surgery" to destroy all monsters on field. (This will also destroy your Monsters. Only do this if you have some means of defense or you haven't Summoned yet this turn.) Using a Deck of only one Type of monster is useful for this Deck to keep your options available to all the monsters you can Draw.
    • If you reduce this card's Level to 3 or lower using a card like "Demotion", you can use "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" to prevent this card from being destroyed.
      • This can become interesting if you combine this card with "Demotion", "DNA Surgery" and "Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord" in a "Wetlands"-based Deck as this card can gain an attack boost by "Wetlands" at the same time and "Aegis" and possibly "Demotion" would already be in the Deck.
  • With "Zombie World" on the Field, you could use this card to banish "Necroface", and not only wipe your opponent's field clean, but banish the top 5 cards of both players' Decks.

Traditional Format

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