• You can set yourself up to Special Summon "Triamid Sphinx" if you have this card and "Triamid Cruiser" in your hand by first activating "Cruiser", and then Normal Summoning this card, allowing you to gain 500 LP and draw a card from your Deck with the effects of "Cruiser". Next, use this card's effect to send "Cruiser" to your Graveyard and activate "Triamid Kingolem" from your Deck. Using the Graveyard trigger effect of "Cruiser", add "Sphinx" from your Deck to your hand. Should this card be destroyed, you can Special Summon "Sphinx" with its own effect. Alternatively, should "King Golem" be sent to your Graveyard, you can use its effect to Special Summon "Sphinx" as well.

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