• Send this card directly from the Deck to the Graveyard with "Swap Frog" or "Foolish Burial" to prepare a counter for the next turn.
  • Sometimes it is best to discard "Treeborn Frog" instead of setting it, because there is a chance the opponent will use "Nobleman of Crossout" on it. This will banish "Treeborn Frog", most likely making it useless for the remainder of the Duel.
  • This card can be brought out immediately after its been drawn with "Hand Destruction", even on your first turn.
  • This card can be used as easy Tribute for "Infernal Dragon", since "Infernal Dragon" will destroy it and revive itself, and "Treeborn" will revive on your next turn.
  • Use together with "Ronintoadin" to create a wave of Special Summons each turn. In certain situations, a "Dupe Frog" may protect those monsters and there will be a flexible advantage.
  • This card can help you "Synchro Summon" low Level Synchro Monsters easily and still have your "Treeborn Frog" next turn.
  • Provide a fodder for "Yubel".
  • When using this card's effect, there needs to be no Spell or Trap Cards on your field. This normally limits the Trap Cards that a player would have in their Deck, however consider using Traps that have a Maintenance Cost such as "Fairy Box" or "Mirror Wall". Just do not pay their cost and they are removed, so that this card can be Special Summoned.

Traditional Format

  • This card, obviously, belongs in a "Frog" Deck. This card can be discarded for "One for One" to Special Summon "Substitoad", and then Normal Summon a monster and Tribute it for "Dupe Frog" for an instant lock. "Treeborn Frog" can be Special Summoned during your next Standby Phase if there is no Spells or Traps on your field. Then "Treeborn Frog" may be offered again.

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