• Use this card's effect on a different Beast-Type monster and use "Beast Soul Swap" on "Tree Otter" and Special Summon it again to use it's effect once more. This will give you a monster with 2000 (or more) gained ATK.

Traditional Format

  • Tribute "Rescue Cat" to Summon 2 "Tree Otters" and have two 2200 ATK beatsticks until the end of this turn.
  • Tribute "Rescue Cat" to Special Summon "Tree Otter" and "Sea Koala", to have a 2200 ATK monster and a 0 ATK monster on the opponent's field. Can be used in conjunction with "The Big March of Animals" for more damage.
    • This can also help with Fusion Summoning "Koalo-Koala". You will be able to increase any other of your monster's ATK by 1000 as well as reduce an opponent's monster to 0 ATK before Summoning "Koalo-Koala" and keeping a good field presence.

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