• This card can be used in an "Ojama" Deck to Special Summon the "Ojama" Normal monsters.

Traditional Format


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeMonster typeLevelATKDEF
Bone Mouse骨ネズミDARKZombie1400300
Thousand-Eyes Idol千眼の邪教神DARKSpellcaster100
Cloudian - Smoke Ball雲魔物-スモークボールWATERFairy1200600
D.D. Trainer異次元トレーナーDARKFiend11002000
Volcanic Ratヴォルカニック・ラットFIREPyro1500500
Skull ServantワイトDARKZombie1300200
Mokey MokeyもけもけLIGHTFairy1300100
Left Arm of the Forbidden One封印されし者の左腕DARKSpellcaster1200300
Petit MothプチモスEARTHInsect1300200
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