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  • This monster can be Special Summoned with "Goblindbergh" and the 2nd (Special Summon) effect will activate (not missing the timing) allowing your opponent's Spell/Trap Card to be destroyed. Then there are 2 monsters for a Rank 4 Xyz Summon.
    • Or use "Summoner Monk" to Special Summon this card and destroy a Spell/Trap Card.

Traditional Format


  Japanese name
Acid Trap Hole 硫酸のたまった落とし穴
Adhesion Trap Hole 粘着落とし穴
Bottomless Trap Hole 奈落の落とし穴
D.D. Trap Hole 異次元の落とし穴
Deep Dark Trap Hole 深黒の落とし穴
Double Trap Hole 姑息な落とし穴
Endless Trap Hole 底なし落とし穴
Gemini Trap Hole 二重の落とし穴
Giant Trap Hole 大落とし穴
Tachyon Chaos Hole 時空混沌渦
Time-Space Trap Hole 時空の落とし穴
Trap Hole 落とし穴
Trap Hole of Spikes 串刺しの落とし穴
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 蟲惑の落とし穴
Treacherous Trap Hole 狡猾な落とし穴
Void Trap Hole 煉獄の落とし穴
White Hole ホワイト・ホール

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