• Normal Summon this card and use its effect to Special Summon "Traptrix Myrmeleo" to destroy one of your opponent's Spell/Trap Cards, then Xyz Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster.
  • If an "Hole" Trap Card that was gained from this card's effect is unable to be used, before your next End Phase, bounce it back to your hand with cards like "Gravelstorm", "Mist Valley Falcon", etc, then set it again just before your turn ends. That way it can be prevented from being banished, as well as have it ready for your opponent's turn.
    • Another alternative, if your "Hole" Trap Card cannot be bounced back to your hand, is to Summon a monster who can otherwise utilize it for their ability (for example, Synchro Summon "Scrap Dragon", and use its effect, targeting your "Hole" Trap Card and one card on your opponent's field, destroying them both).

Traditional Format

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