• Use this card with "Bait Doll" in order to make sure the activated Trap Card won't hurt you.
  • One should use this card over "Royal Decree" in Decks which use Trap Cards frequently. If most of your Deck's other Trap Cards are defensive (i.e. meant to stop an opponent's attack, negate a summon, etc.) this card won't clash with them when used to negate the opponent's Trap Cards during your turn. However unlike the effect of "Royal Decree," which is Continuous and can provide long-term protection, "Trap Stun" only lasts one turn so weigh your options carefully when building your deck.
  • It makes a great combo with "Trident Dragion", for you can activate it and destroy it by the effect of "Trident Dragion" to ensure you've got two Trap-free attacks.
  • This card works well with and against "Gravity Bind" for a 1-turn immunity.
  • This card cannot be used to chain a Counter Trap Card, but still can negate it's effect if activated and resolved beforehand. You can use this to disencourage your opponent of activating counter Trap Cards, as they are still vulnerable to other card effects, although they are Spell Speed 3.
  • If you control a face-up "Splendid Venus", the effects of your Trap Cards will be unaffected by "Trap Stun", though your opponent's Traps will face negation.
  • This card is a GREAT sucker punch against an Anti-Meta Deck, especially the Tyrant's cards. "Tyrant's Tirade", "Tyrant's Tummyache, "Tyrant's Throes"... all these cards would be useless as soon as you activate Trap Stun, meaning you would be able to use a Monster Effect to destroy these locking Continuous Trap Cards as well.

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