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  • Because you draw cards by activating this card you can play "Solemn Wishes" to gain Life Points as well.
  • A good deck thinning strategy is to use "Toon Table of Contents" 2 times to draw all copies of it out of your deck, use the last one to add "Blue Eyes Toon Dragon" to your hand, and then use Trade-In to discard it and draw 2 more cards.
  • "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" makes a perfect target with this card.
    • "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can be searched from Deck easily using "The White Stone of Legend", use "Cards of Consonance" to discard the White Stone and get three cards (two from "Cards of Consonance", one is the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" that is added via White Stone's effect), then use "Trade-In" to discard the previously-added "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and draw another two, resulting of total 5 cards drawn.
    • In fact, this combo leads to the fastest deck among "Disaster Dragon" deck variants, known as "Egg Turbo".
  • Decks centered around Darklords can also abuse this card efficiently, by discarding "Darklord Zerato" or "Darklord Superbia" (both are Level 8). This works well in conjunction with "Athena", as Athena can revive Superbia to start their swarming process.

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