• As there are many cards in the game that are capable of destroying "Toon World", it is often advisable to activate Toon World whenever a hit on an opponent's LP is assured. For example, if a Class C Toon Monster such as "Toon Gemini Elf" has been on the field one turn earlier, you may activate "Toon World" to try to attack your opponent's LP directly. However, if "Toon World" is activated before any Toons are capable of attacking, the likelihood exists that "Toon World", as well as the Toon Monsters, would be destroyed on your opponent's following turn without any damage inflicted on him. As such, it is also never advisable to activate "Toon World" on your very first turn, where you are not allowed to enter the Battle Phase.
  • The most commonly used card in the game that is capable of destroying "Toon World" is "Mystical Space Typhoon". When playing a deck with "Toon World", place cards that would prevent Spell destruction, such as "Magic Jammer" or "Magic Drain". Also, as "Mystical Space Typhoon" is a spell card "Judgment of Anubis" could be helpful. "Emergency Provisions" can, at the very least, prevent Toon Monsters from being destroyed by safely removing "Toon World" from the field before "Mystical Space Typhoon" resolves.
  • Another possibility of protecting "Toon World" is using "Magic Reflector" if you don't have a "Giant Trunade" handy at the moment.
  • Toons do not require "Toon World" to be on your side of the field, just that it is on the field. Therefore, you can spare yourself the Life Point damage if your opponent is using a Toon deck and has already activated "Toon World".
  • You can activate Spell Economics to spare yourself the 1000 Life Point cost.
  • Do not activate more than one "Toon World" since having one on the field even while another is destroyed does not prevent your Toon Monsters from being destroyed.

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