• You can use "Necroface" to recycle the cards banished face-down with this card's effects.
  • "Soul Absorption" can give you Life Points with every banished card you use to protect your Toon monsters, and also by activating this card.
  • Combo this card with "Toon Defense" to give even more protection for your Level 4 or lower Toon monsters.
  • You may also use "Convulsion of Nature" with this card to check the top card of your Deck before you banish; this can help you make valuable decisions and keep track of what's in the Deck.
  • One downfall of this card over the original "Toon World" is that if its effect is negated, it is no longer considered having the name of "Toon World", therefore rendering many "Toon" cards less useful. Using "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force" to neutralize this card will give the "Toon" player a tough time. After doing so, use "Field Barrier" to prevent your opponent from activating another copy of this Field Spell.
  • Use this card's effect to protect any of your Machine-Type Toons that have been affected by Limiter Removal from destruction by its effect.

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