• Use "Cloning" or "Physical Double" while this card is on the field or Set. You will make a copy of your opponent's monster with a bonus 1000 ATK and immunity to destruction by battle. In the case of "Physical Double", wait until your opponent attacks the Token to activate this card.
  • Use this with "Spirit Barrier", as even with 1000 more ATK most of them have low stats.
  • You can use this with "Fiend's Sanctuary". Even though your opponent will receive less damage when they attack, but you now have a shield that your opponent will be hesitant to attack.
  • Use this card with "The Golden Apples" to gain LP back and have an incredibly strong monster that cannot be destroyed by battle.
  • Use this card with "Cosmic Compass" to gain up to four tokens with 1000 ATK apiece that can't be destroyed by battle.

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