• This card can work well in a "Shaddoll" Deck, not only because all Main Deck "Shaddoll" monsters are Spellcaster-Type, but also because they have effects that activate when sent to the Graveyard by a card effect.
    • This card is useful to equip "El Shaddoll Winda" with, making that monster more difficult to eliminate (since it already cannot be destroyed by card effects).
  • Because of its battle-related effect, this card is best equipped to a monster that can attack multiple times, such as "Berserk Dragon" or "Asura Priest".
    • "Machine Lord Ür" is very efficient when equipped with this card, since it already cannot inflict battle damage.
    • This interaction forms a good combo with "Dueltaining", since it can help achieve the "1 monster battles 5 times" and/or "roll 1 six-sided dice, or toss a coin, 5 times" conditions of "Dueltaining".

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