Card Tips:Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

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  • This card's effect cost of discarding this card and one other monster triggers most of the Atlantean monster's effects.
  • Banish this card from the Deck with "Gold Sarcophagus" and you can immediately replace it with other WATER Dragon-Type monster.
  • This card works great in setting up Rank 7 plays in "Mermail" decks. Because Mermails fill up the Graveyard with ease, you can fulfill this card's summoning conditions with little effort and without banishing cards from your hand, and because it is Level 7, it is compatible with Level 7 Mermails such as "Mermail Abyssmegalo" for Xyz Summoning.
  • "Nimble Sunfish" can set up the grave with fodder for continued use of this card.
  • This card can easily set up the summoning requirements for "Frost and Flame Dragon".
    • It can also search for "Frost and Flame Dragon" when banished since it is a WATER Dragon-Type monster.
  • Use this as material for the Fusion Summon of "Five-Headed Dragon" using "Dragon's Mirror" and you can immediately replace it with other WATER Dragon-Type monster.
    • "Chain Material" is also an excellent option. Although "Five-Headed Dragon" won't be able to attack, you can use the effect without needing the Dragons in your hand.
  • Banishing monsters with this card can help you to increase the damage to your oponent if you also use "Submersible Aero Shark".
  • Use "Sacred Sword of Seven Stars" to banish this card; with this, you'll draw 2 cards and moreover trigger this card's fourth effect.

Traditional Format

  • By discarding "Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets" and another WATER monster, you can Special Summon one copy of this card from the deck, and if you have another one in your hand, banish "Stream" and the other WATER monster to Special Summon it and have access to a quick Xyz Summon, with almost no hand advantage loss.


  • The following WATER Dragon-Type monsters can be searched with this card:
  Level Card type ATK DEF
Blizzard Dragon 4 Effect Monster 1,800 1,000
Dragon Ice 5 Effect Monster 1,800 2,200
Exa, Warrior of the Nekroz 5 Effect Monster 2,000 1,000
Frost and Flame Dragon 6 Effect Monster 2,300 2,000
Mythic Water Dragon 8 Effect Monster 1,000 2,000
The Nekroz Armor of Catastor 5 Ritual Monster 2,200 1,200
The Nekroz Armor of Decisive Armor 10 Ritual Monster 3,300 2,300
Powered Tuner 4 Effect Monster 1,400 1,000
Snow Dragon 4 Effect Monster 1,400 900
Snowdust Dragon 8 Effect Monster 2,800 1,800
Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 4 Effect Monster 1,600 2,000
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 7 Effect Monster 2,600 2,000
White Night Dragon 8 Effect Monster 3,000 2,500

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