• This card could be useful in "Watt", "Batteryman" and "hunder" Decks.
    • Use this card in triplicate. Use the first to search out the remaining two from your Deck. Hold them in your hand until you know you will not Special Summon for a turn and this becomes a great way to search out almost any monster in these Decks.
    • Use this card with "Cardcar D", "Pot of Duality" and "Pot of Avarice". Be careful of having over 6 cards in your hand when you end your turn or you will have to discard.
  • This card would be useful when used with "Double Summon" or "Ultimate Offering" as you would be able to Normal Summon both searched monsters.
    • Xyz Summoning a Rank 4 monster can become quite easy with this method; however, you will have to wait until the next turn to do so. "Mahunder" and "Pahunder" can also be used.
  • Use the effect of "Thunder Sea Horse" to search two "Sishunder" from the Deck. Then Normal Summon "Sishunder" and banish "Sea Horse" from the Graveyard. During the End Phase "Sea Horse" will return to your hand, so you will be ready to use its effect again next turn, and you will be able to Summon once more by the remaining "Sishunder".

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeATKDEF
Batteryman 9-Volt電池メン-角型Effect Monster10001000
Batteryman AAA電池メン-単四型Effect Monster00
BrohunderONiサンダーEffect Monster900400
The Calibratorザ・キャリブレーターEffect Monster15001500
CubenキューブンEffect Monster6001900
Elemental HERO VolticE・HERO ボルテックEffect Monster10001500
The Immortal of Thunder雷仙人Effect Monster15001300
MahunderOKaサンダーEffect Monster1400700
Morphtronic RadionD・ラジオンEffect Monster1000900
PahunderOToサンダーEffect Monster1300600
SishunderONeサンダーEffect Monster900400
Thunder Sea Horseサンダー・シーホースEffect Monster16001200
Vylon Prismヴァイロン・プリズムEffect Monster15001500
WattcobraエレキングコブラEffect Monster1000500
WattgiraffeエレキリンEffect Monster1200100
WattpheasantエレキジEffect Monster1000800
Zap Mustung放電ムスタンガンEffect Monster16001500

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