• An easier combo is to use a Hieratic Deck, so when you summon Blue-Eyes with 0 attack, due to most Hieratic's effects, an Inferno Reckless Summon will allow you to summon 3 Blue-Eyes from your deck, hand, and graveyard, one with 0 attack, and two with 3000 attack, making it easier to summon Thunder End Dragon.
  • Other Normal Monsters can be used as Xyz Material by changing their Levels.
  • Use The Flute of Summoning Dragon to Summon 2 level 8 Normal Monsters (such as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") from your hand.
    • This will also leave a Lord of D. on your field, which will protect Thunder End Dragon from Spells and Traps that target.
  • "Dragard" can help Xyz Summon this card quite well if you got Normal Monster with 1000 or less attack in your Graveyard.
  • A good combo you can do with this card is to use its effect while you have a "Lightpulsar Dragon" on the field and a "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" in grave. When Lightpulsar Dragon is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, use its effect to Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, then use the effect of Red-Eyes to Special Summon Lightpulsar Dragon (or any other useful Dragon) from your Graveyard or hand, and make a massive push for a potential OTK (inflicting 8300 damage).
  • You can summon this card with the use of "Rescue Rabbit" to summon 2 Level 4 Normal Monsters with 1000 or less ATK and the same Type and then activate "Tannhauser Gate".


 Japanese nameAttributeTypeATKDEF
Black Luster Soldierカオス・ソルジャーEARTHWarrior30002500
Blue-Eyes White Dragon青眼の白龍LIGHTDragon30002500
Cosmo QueenコスモクイーンDARKSpellcaster29002450
Darkstorm Dragonダークストーム・ドラゴンDARKDragon27002500
Dragon Core Hexer竜核の呪霊者DARKDragon23003000
Gogiga Gagagigoゴギガ・ガガギゴWATERReptile29502800
Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord神龍の聖刻印LIGHTDragon00
Metal Armored Bug鉄鋼装甲虫EARTHInsect28001500
Phantasm Spiral Dragon幻煌龍 スパイラルWATERWyrm29002900
Phoenix Gearfriedフェニックス・ギア・フリードFIREWarrior28002200
... further results (7 more)