Card Tips:The Winged Dragon of Ra

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  • In a Psychic Deck you can use "Telekinetic Power Well" in order to Summon 3 Level 2 or lower Psychic-Type monsters to fulfill this card's Summoning requirements.
  • Use "Sebek's Blessing" to restore the LP you paid to increase this card's ATK.
  • Use "Power Frame" to make this card have the same ATK as a monster your opponent controls without the need to decrease your LP to be able to have enough ATK to stay alive and destroy monsters on the field.
  • If you control two "Flint Locks", "Flint" and "Morale Boost", then you can continuously equip "Flint", switching between the two "Flint Locks", while "Morale Boost" gives you 1000 LP each time you do so. This can be repeated infinitely, effectively giving you access to an astronomically high LP. By using "Inferno Reckless Summon" to get 3 "Flint Locks" on and doing the loop, you can then Tribute them to Summon this card after gaining enough LPs for an OTK.

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