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  • This card can be searched by "Mound of the Bound Creator".
  • Probably the easiest way to summon Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, or The Winged Dragon of Ra in one turn is to combo Amarylease and The First Monarch.
    • Set The First Monarch in your spell/trap zone. (The First Monarch is a Trap Monster). Activate it ASAP, then immediately discard Amarylease from your hand for the effect of The First Monarch, declaring DIVINE so that The First Monarch's attribute changes to DIVINE. Now The First Monarch counts as two tributes for the tribute summon of a DIVINE attribute monster (any one of the three Egyptian Gods).
  • Use Life Point gaining cards or "Life Equalizer" to gain access to this card's monster destroying effect.
  • Use "Rain of Mercy" before activating that trap. Be careful to decide whether you want to activate this card before or after summoning "Ra". Activating it before would give Ra and extra 1000 ATK, but on the other hand activating it after summoning would allow you to use "Ra"'s destruction effect once more. Either way your opponent would have 1000 more life points while you are left with 100 total, thereby increasing your chances of meeting "Life Equalizer"'s requirements.
  • If you control two Flint Locks, Flint, and Morale Boost, then you can continuously equip Flint, switching between the two Flint Locks, while Morale Boost gives you 1000 Life Points each time you do so. This can be repeated infinitely, effectively giving you access to an astronomically high number of Life Points. Adding Spell Absorption to this cycle will add an extra 500 points for each time you do this, boosting your life points even higher. By using Inferno Reckless Summon to gt 3 Flint Lock monsters on and doing the loop, you can then tribute them to Summon Ra after gaining enough lps for an OTK.
  • "Supremacy Berry" can be very useful after summoning this card as it often gives you the power to kill 2 monsters and maybe Direct attack for massive damage.
  • "Draining Shield" allows you to build up Life Points for either of this card's effects.
  • "Enchanted Javelin" lets you gain back Life Points you paid for its second effect almost immediately after you summon.
  • Instead of activating this card's effect to gain ATK, equip it with "Heart of Clear Water" to protect it as you use its monster destruction effect.
    • Using "Spirit Barrier", you can avoid taking damage from your opponent's monsters.
  • Have "Dark Bribe" on the field to protect this card from effects that can destroy it.
  • Use "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to gain Life Points to use for this card's destruction effect, or even Special Summon monsters to help Tribute Summon it.
  • If both you and your opponent have around the same amount of Life Points before you activate "The Winged Dragon of Ra's" ATK and DEF increasing effect, activate another card effect that increases the ATK of "Ra" and attempt to attack for game.
  • With "Healing Wave Generator" on the field with this card you can generate just enough life points to use this card's destruction effect.
  • Use "DNA Surgery" to transform this card into a Psychic monster, then equip this card with "Telekinetic Charging Cell", allowing you to use its second effect for free.
    • After destroying your opponent's monsters, you can activate "Giant Trunade" or "Full House" to eliminate their Spells and Traps as well, allowing you to deal a ridiculous amount of damage without fear.
    • You can also use "Brain Research Lab", but comes with the risk of dealing damage when destroyed.
  • Use "Prime Material Dragon" to both prevent your opponent from using Burn to finish you off after you use this card's effect, and to protect it from card effects.
  • Use "Soul Exchange" to sacrifice your opponent's most powerful monster to help clear the field (at the same time you will only have to sacrifice 2 of your monsters). This can also be helpful to get rid of Stardust Dragon and other similar cards, which can easily get in the way of this card's second effect.
  • Use "Power Frame" to make this card have the same ATK as a monster your opponent controls without the need to decrease your life points to be able to have enough ATK to stay alive and destroy monsters on the field.
  • To regain life point's place "Sebek's Blessing" before summoning "The Winged Dragon of Ra". When "The Winged Dragon of Ra" is summoned reduce your Life Points to increase the ATK to max. Then attack directly with Ra and after the attack activate "Sebek's Blessing". This will restore the Life Points you offered.

Traditional Format

  • Summon this card and activate its first effect, then activate "Last Turn" for an almost guaranteed win.
  • Be extremely careful if your opponent has cards such as Creature Swap, especially if you've reduced your Life Points to increase this card's ATK.
  • "Rainbow Life" is alo an excellent option for this card .

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