• Use this card in combination with "Felgrand Dragon" while having a revival card, like "Monster Reborn" or "Decoy Dragon". Use "The Wicked Eraser's" effect to clear the field, then revive "Felgrand Dragon" for a direct attack with 4200 attack points.
  • Use this card's self destruct effect to bring out higher level "Yubel" forms.
  • Summon a "Grinder Golem", and this way you will have 2 extra monsters so that you can Tribute Summon this card and your opponent will have one more card increasing "The Wicked Eraser" attack.
  • Use cards with this monster's destruction effect like "Dark Coffin" to destroy your opponents hand, or, "Statue of the Wicked" in order to summon another wicked god.
  • A way to get around this cards nuke effect, assuming your opponent didn't use it right after its summon, is to use "Dark End Dragon" since he "sends" cards to the grave and doesn't destroy them.
  • When used in conjunction with "Ojama Trio", you well automatically gain 3000 ATK and your opponent will lose 900 LP when you nuke the field.

Traditional Format

  • Use this card in combination with "Ultimate Offering", "Ring of Destruction" and "Ring of Defense" near the beginning of the game while your opponent has 4 or more cards on their side of the field for an instant T.K.O.. Note: Depending on how many life points are started out with you may need to adjust the number of cards you will need your opponent to have on their side of the field.

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