• Equipping Equip Spell Cards to your monster with the 2nd highest ATK will give yourself the chance to use its ATK bonus twice.
  • If "Armityle the Chaos Phantom" is under your control, this card's ATK is 10,100 during your turn.
    • "Phantom of Chaos" can be used to gain this card's ATK as well as boost this card's ATK for a single turn.
      • A good strategy would be to use "Fusion Guard" to send "Armityle the Chaos Phantom" from your Extra Deck to your Graveyard, then Summon "Phantom of Chaos" and banish "Armityle" to increase the ATK of "Phantom"to 10,000. Then bring out "The Wicked Avatar". This way, it will have at least 10,100 ATK.
  • Equip "Rod of the Mind's Eye" and instead of inflicting 100 damage when the opposing monster is destroyed, 1000 damage will be inflicted instead.
  • Tribute Summon this card with "Hardened Armed Dragon" to make this card virtually unstoppable as the attack of this card will always be higher and it will be immune to all destruction cards.
  • Once "The Wicked Avatar" is on the field, "The Calculator" can be Summoned to take advantage of "both" the "Avatar" and the special effects of "Calculator".
    • With "The Calculator" on the field, the ATK of "The Calculator" will be at least 3600, due to the fact that "The Wicked Avatar" is Level 10; and thanks to the effect of "Avatar", its ATK will be at least 3700.
  • Use with "Satellite Cannon"; every turn both will gain 1000 ATK, so long as "Satellite Cannon" doesn't attack.
  • This card's Spell and Trap prevention can be stalled out by using cards with high DEF such as "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress". Typically, your opponent won't have any other high-powered monsters after sacrificing for "Avatar", and most low-Level defenders have low ATK. If "Gear Golem" is used, your opponent would need a 2150 ATK monster to break it; given that few low-Level monsters are that strong unboosted, there will likely be another turn to bolster your defenses, and after that, the effect of "Avatar" will have expired.
  • This card can be easily Summoned by Tributing Tokens that can be Tributed. Cards such as "Cosmic Compass" should spawn the right amount, assuming your opponent has 3 or more monsters on their side of the field and your Tokens can be protected.
  • Use with "March of the Monarchs" or "Mound of the Bound Creator" as they effectively gives the "Avatar" its manga God-immunity effect, making destroying it very difficult. "Mound" further improves its ability to deal damage, as its ATK is likely not going to be much higher then your opponent's monster.
    • Summon "Number 66: Master Key Beetle" prior to activating "March", then use the effect of "Master Key Beetle" to protect both cards. Zombie-Type monsters can easily assemble materials for "Master Key Beetle" and Tribute fodder for a "God".

Traditional Format

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