Card Tips:The Supremacy Sun

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  • Combine this card with "Destruct Potion" in order to gain easy Life Points at the cost of one card in your hand.
    • You can also use this to avoid an effect that would banish or bounce it.
    • Another card that would work well with this is "Hate Buster" as it's not only a Fiend-type monster, but it can be revived on your next turn by its own effect due to being destroyed as part of the effect of "Hate Buster".
  • This card works perfectly with "Temple of the Sun".
    • Use multiple copies for a greater ATK bonus.
  • Use with this card with "Forced Requisition" so your opponent has to discard whenever you use the effect of "The Supremacy Sun".
  • You can discard "Cockroach Knight" to Special Summon this card by its own effect. Because "Cockroach Knight" is returned to the top of the Deck, you always have a card to discard for this card's effect, though doing so may disrupt a future Draw Phase.

Traditional Format

  • You can combine this card with "Card of Safe Return" in order to offset the cost for its effect.
    • In addition to this, you can discard "Sinister Serpent" for this card's cost, as "Sinister Serpent" can then be recovered after this card is Special Summoned.

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