• Simply play another Field Spell Card when this card's negative effect becomes too much of a burden.
  • Use "Mind Control" to take control on one of the opponent's Special Summoned monsters, then activate this card to destroy it.
  • Use card effects that change your monsters' ATK to manipulate the monsters your opponent can attack.
  • If you control only 2 or more face-up monsters that all have the same ATK, this will prevent your opponent from attacking any of them.
  • Use "Magic Deflector" or "World Suppression" to negate this card's effects for a turn, to free up Special Summons for the owner from the Extra Deck. This will also stop the card from destroying all of your Special Summoned monsters if you chain it to the activation.
    • Using either card in response to your activation of "The Seal" will prevent your monsters from being destroyed.
    • Be wary when using these cards, as the opponent may take this opportunity to try and destroy this card while it has no protection.
  • While this card can only be activated once per Duel, "Pseudo Space" can be used to replicate its effect for a turn after it is destroyed. Moreover, replicating the effect will not destroy your Special Summoned monsters.
  • This card can work well with Special Summoned monsters that can protect themselves from this card's destruction effect.
    • Special Summon "Wind-Up Zenmaines" and activate this card, allowing yourself to destroy an opponent's card at the end of the turn.
  • Summon "Papa-Corn" while this card is on the field. Its effect combined with this card will give it 2700 ATK.
  • Summon "The Dark Creator" after activating this card to swarm the field with powerful monsters, preferably ones with even higher ATK to protect "The Dark Creator" with.
  • Use this card in a "Watt" Deck. It will protect your "Watthopper", which in turn protects the rest of your monsters, and the direct attacks from your monsters will deal more damage.
  • The "Duston" archetype can benefit from this card, abusing both the defensive support to buy time and the offensive support for ending the game quicker.

Playing against "The Seal of Orichalcos"

  • Perhaps the best way to get rid of this card is with "Phoenix Wing Wind Blast", which will spin it to the top of their Deck and clog their next draw with a now-completely useless card.

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