• This card works very well with "Number 66: Master Key Beetle" as the destruction effect can be used with the card that "Master Key Beetle" is protecting, and this card's last effect can Xyz Summon it.
  • After using this card's first effect once, use it again on the next turn to destroy this card to set up a Rank 4 Xyz Summon.


 Japanese nameSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight暗遷士 カンゴルゴームRock24501950
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragonダーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴンDragon25002000
Evilswarm Nightmareヴェルズ・ナイトメアFiend9501950
Evilswarm Thanatosヴェルズ・タナトスFiend23501350
Ghostrick Angel of Mischiefゴーストリックの駄天使Fairy20002500
King of the Feral ImpsキングレムリンReptile23002000
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn交響魔人マエストロークFiend18002300
Number 50: Blackship of CornNo.50 ブラック・コーン号Plant21001500
Number 66: Master Key BeetleNo.66 覇鍵甲虫マスター・キー・ビートルInsect2500800
Number 70: Malevolent SinNo.70 デッドリー・シンInsect24001200
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 Japanese nameSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon終焉の守護者アドレウスFiend26001700
D/D/D Marksman King TellDDD狙撃王テルFiend23002000
Number 14: Greedy SarameyaNo.14 強欲のサラメーヤBeast25001500
Raidraptor - Stranger FalconRR-エトランゼ・ファルコンWinged Beast20002000
Shark Fortressシャーク・フォートレスFish24001800