• Use "Forbidden Chalice" on this card after it is Summoned, then Special Summon "Dark Simorgh". This guarantees the opponent cannot Summon any monsters and will be left with whatever Set Spell/Trap Cards they control. Combo with "Anti-Spell Fragrance" to completely lock down your opponent's Spell Cards, protecting both your monsters from "Dark Hole" and other destructive Spells.
  • This card, along with "Jinzo" and "Spell Canceller" can completely Lockdown the field, preventing your opponent from doing anything for the remainder of the Duel. To accomplish this, use "Dimensionhole"/"Interdimensional Matter Transporter" to get "Jinzo" and "Spell Canceller" off the field, otherwise this card will destroy them when it is Summoned. Because these monsters will not be "Special Summoned" (they are "returned" to the field), they will be able to bypass the effect of this card.
    • OR, activate "Book of Moon" on this card, and Summon the aforementioned cards while this card is face-down.
  • If this card was Fusion Summoned and it is in your Graveyard, use the "The Shallow Grave" to revive it and avoid destroying your own monsters.
  • You can use the Trap Card "Royal Command" to prevent your opponents Set monster's flip effects from destroying or effecting this monster thus allowing a further lock-down on your opponent.
  • Use Ectoplasmer to prevent any set threat.
  • You can combine this card with the Field Spell Card "Ghostrick Mansion" and "Gravity Axe - Grarl" to prevent your opponent can do any kind of Summon, and also attack directly with it to cause a minimum of 1425 damage every turn (2850/2).

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