• If you control "Grave Protector", "The Immortal of Thunder" will return to your Deck when it is destroyed. If you control "The End of Anubis", "The Immortal of Thunder" will have its effect negated when it is sent to the Graveyard. Either way, you gain 3000 Life Points without losing 5000 Life Points.
  • When this Set card is attacked, activate "Forbidden Graveyard" to gain 3000 Life Points and lose 1 card instead of 5000 Life Points.
  • The three above strategies work pretty well if you're Tributing this Flip Summoned card for a Normal/Special Summon, allowing you to gain a 3000 LP bonus for the successful Summon of a powerful monster.
  • If you Xyz Summon with this monster after it is flipped face-up, you can avoid its negative effect, even if it is detached from the Xyz Monster. (Xyz materials are not "on the field" but behind the monster, so they are not send to the Graveyard "from the field") "Wonder Xyz" can help by letting you Xyz Summon during your opponent's turn.
  • Since your Life Points will likely be lower than your opponents after this card's effect activates from the Graveyard, equip one of your monsters with Megamorph to double its ATK.
  • If you've gained the Life Points by this card's effect and this card is attacked, you can use "Book of Moon" to put it face-down again to gain another 3000 Life Points before its effect makes you lose the Life Points.
  • Now that "Tsukuyomi" was unbanned and de-limited, you can combo her effect with this card's in a Stall Deck. You will recover 3000 LPs every turn upon Flip Summoning this card and flipping it back face-down with Tsukuyomi, whilst seizing the Stall strategies.

Traditional Format

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