• This card is very useful in "Counter Fairy" Decks, especially for filling your Life Points after using cards such as "Solemn Judgment" and "Seven Tools of the Bandit".
  • This card can be useful in a Blue-Eyes deck, as nearly all those monsters are LIGHT and their high ATK can be useful if LPs are desperately needed.
  • If you combine this card with 2 Dimensional Alchemist and a Supply Squad, by using it to banish an alchemist to gain LPs, and then use the second one to retrieve him and so on, (chain the effect of Fountain to alchemist's after it is destroyed and sent to grave) you can gain some advantage.
  • Use with "The Sanctuary in the Sky" so that rather than taking damage when your monster is destroyed, you also gain Life Points.
  • You can gain lots of Life Points doing the following combo: with "The Sanctuary in the Sky" face-up, if you control "Nova Summoner" or "Shining Angel" attack your opponent's strongest monster, then yours will be destroyed. Activate its effect Special Summoning another "Nova Summoner" or "Shining Angel" and banish the destroyed monster using "The Fountain in the Sky". Attack again, and repeat the process. Remember, "Nova Summoner" and "Shining Angel" can special summon each other. It will give you at least 6 monsters to banish so you can gain 8400 Life Points.
  • In an "Arcana Force" Deck, in addition to "Light Barrier", you will gain Life Points when destroying your opponent's monsters and when they destroy yours by battle.

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