• This card can be searched by "A Cat of Ill Omen".
  • Use this against a "Superheavy Samurai" deck, since "Superheavy Samurais" require no or very limited amount of Spells or Traps in the deck, it means that there will almost always be a Monster Card in the opponent's hand, pretty much ensuring this card will succeed.
  • This is useful against "Gadget" decks thanks to the constant searching power of each "Gadget", thereby ensuring that you'll have a Monster in the hand to target at all times.
  • Even if you can't negate the attack, just being able to look at your opponent's hand can be helpful. Regardless of what happens, you can follow it up with a "Mind Crush" and take down up to two cards (or more, depending on how many copies of the chosen card are in your opponent's hand).

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