• Since this card can't be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, you can use Cards that make "The Creator" return to your hand instead, and Summon it later.
    • Cards that work very well with this effect are "Herald of Creation" and "Monster Reincarnation".
      • It makes a great combination since you can discard a powerful non-Nomi monster from your hand to swap with "The Creator", Summon "The Creator" later, and Special Summon the discarded monster from your Graveyard.
  • Pair this card and "Exiled Force" to destroy one monster every turn.
  • If you have many powerful non-Nomi monsters in your hand and "The Creator" on the field, discard one to summon a monster from your grave, and then next turn discard another to summon the first and so on. As long as "The Creator" remains on the field you can summon a powerful monster per turn while setting up for the next summon.
  • This cards effect is useful if you have a powerful monster in your hand as you can Discard it then summon it next turn.
  • A good card to have on the field when you summon "The Creator" to the field is "Prime Material Dragon". If an effect that would destroy monsters is activated, you can use the effect of "Prime Material Dragon" to discard a monster to the graveyard, and then you can special summon that monster from the grave with "The Creator".
  • This card can work well in an "Ojama" deck. If you have it on the field while "Ojama Country" is out, you can turn this monster into a 3000 ATK monster, and be able to revive two "Ojamas" per turn instead of one.
  • Use this card with "Sacred Crane" and you get a Monster for free, since you will draw a Card when "Sacred Crane" is Special Summoned.
  • Use this card with "Temple of the Sun" to boost the attack of all monsters summoned by this effect.
  • You can Special Summon this card from your deck with cards like "Monster Gate".

Traditional Format

  • "Card of Safe Return" works extremely well with this card, as it offers compensation for the discard cost. (Or, if "Roc from the Valley of Haze" or any of the cards below were discarded, you would have avoided the discard cost and drew a card).
  • Comboing this card with "Kuraz the Light Monarch" can cause a repeating, damaging combo. First, activate "Ectoplasmer" and "Kaiser Colosseum". Then, while having 2 monsters on your field, sacrifice one for "Kuraz". On the next turn, sacrifice your other monster and "Kuraz" to summon "The Creator". Then, discard "Sinister Serpent" repeatedly to return "Kuraz" each turn to destroy 2 cards on the field, and tributing it for "Ectoplasmer's" effect. In addition, "Greed" can be used to inflict 1000 damage every time you use "Kuraz's" effect.
  • Using "Card of Safe Return" will let you draw a card when you special summon a card from the graveyard using "The Creator's" effect, giving you another card too use too activate "The Creator's" effect.

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