• This card can be useful in an Infernity deck.
  • You can use "Into the Void" to draw a card. Plus, you'll be able to have an empty hand for Mercury's effect.
  • When "Mercury" is destroyed by battle, you can use "Rope of Life" to summon him from the graveyard, and discard your hand for his effect.
  • Combine with "Cyber Archfiend" to draw 3 cards during your Draw Phase. Use this combo in a Infernity deck ,by using "Phantom Hand" to ensure that you will have no hand during each of your End Phase.
    • This can let you gain hand advantage quickly and use "Dark World Grimoire" to summon the strongest monster you discard. (Note that "Cyber Archfiend" will destroy itself since you will have at least 6 cards in your hand.)
    • Or keep drawing from your deck until you have all 5 pieces of Exodia

Traditional Format

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