• Assuming you can use this card's first effect, you need at least double your opponent's Life Points in order to win with one copy of this card.
  • This card is useful when used with "The Agent of Force - Mars" since both cards require the same Field Spell, and both depend on you having more Life Points than your opponent.
  • You can combine this card with "The Creator" to continuously bring it back to deal more damage.
  • Another good form to deal damage is using "Athena". After you've used this card's effect, use "Athena's" to Special Summon it back and reuse it's effect.
  • This card creates an extremely powerful combo with "The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter" if you use "Jupiter's" effect to banish it, and then re-summon it with "Jupiter's" other effect, discarding a monster in the process. Then, Use "Saturn's" effect to inflict damage. You can repeat this process as long as you still have a LIGHT Fairy-type monster in your hand to discard.
  • If you use "Call of the Haunted" to bring this card back after Tributing it for its effect, you can activate it again to inflict twice as much damage as the first time, for a total of three times the original difference in Life Points.

Traditional Format

  • If you and your opponent have same amount of Life Points (e.g. 8000), and the opponent activates "Solemn Judgment", use this card for an OTK.
    • Any other time your opponent's Life Points are exactly half or less your own, this card will cause a win.

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