• This card can be useful in pitching Summon fodder for "Master Hyperion" to the Graveyard, to prevent you from losing cards unnecessarily when you summon him.
  • This card has great synergy with "The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter."
    • Special Summon this card while "Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field, then Normal Summon "Jupiter". Send another copy of "Jupiter" from the Deck to the Graveyard with Uranus's effect, and banish that card with the "Jupiter" in play's effect to give that "Jupiter" an additional 800 ATK. You can then use "Jupiter's" second effect to discard a LIGHT Fairy-type monster to the grave to Special Summon the banished "Jupiter".
      • If you have another "The Agent" monster in the Graveyard, you can use the new "Jupiter's" effect to gain another 800 ATK on the field, a total of 7,400 total attack between the three Agents.

Traditional Format

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