• A player can combine this card with "DNA Surgery" and choose Warrior-Type, so all monsters will become Warriors, and all their monsters will receive the power increase.
  • This card is useful for all Warrior decks, but it is extremely useful in Dark Scorpion and Six Samurai decks, as they focus on having many Warriors out at once that support one another.
  • This card is potentially better to run than Solidarity on a Six Samurai Deck, since it can increase the same power or even more, provided you have from 4-5 monsters on your side of the field. Also doesn't limit you to use only one monster sub-type and grants a wider access to other Six Samurai monsters on your deck with Asceticism of the Six Samurai tough field regulation.
  • Using the effect of "Marauding Captain" is helpful since you get two Warriors with a single summon.
    • Summoning a second "Marauding Captain" with the first one's effect will create two monsters with 1600 ATK and prevent your opponent from attacking.
  • Use "Ultimate Offering" to summon multiple Warriors in a single turn.
    • Summoning "Mysterious Puppeteer" before activating "Ultimate Offering" will make it so you don't lose any life points, and it will gain the attack point boost since it's a warrior.
  • In a pure Warrior deck, using "Solidarity" will further increase the attack boost your monsters will get.
  • Running "Burden of the Mighty" will further widen the gap between your monsters and your opponent's monsters.

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