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  • By using the effect of "Rescue Cat" 2 "Test Apes" can be Summoned from your Deck. Attack one of your opponent's monsters that's strong enough to destroy them, activating their effects. Or, "Rescue Cat" can be used to bring out a "Test Ape" and a "Test Tiger", using the first to bring out a "Gladiator Beast" monster, then Tribute "Test Tiger" to swap the Summoned "Gladiator Beast" monster for another one with its effect activated.
  • By using the effect of "Rescue Cat", 2 "Test Apes" can be Summoned from your Deck. Then activate "Creature Swap" to exchange one "Test Ape" with one of opponent's monster. "Test Ape" attacks the "Test Ape" your opponent now controls. Two "Gladiator Beast" monsters will be Special Summoned from your Deck. Now there are two "Gladiator Beast" monsters and one of your opponent's monsters, and all three are free to attack.


 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Gladiator Beast Andal剣闘獣アンダルNormal MonsterBeast-WarriorEARTH419001500
Gladiator Beast Bestiari剣闘獣ベストロウリィEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND41500800
Gladiator Beast Darius剣闘獣ダリウスEffect MonsterBeast-WarriorEARTH41700300
Gladiator Beast Dimacari剣闘獣ディカエリィEffect MonsterBeastEARTH416001200
Gladiator Beast Equeste剣闘獣エクイテEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND416001200
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus剣闘獣ホプロムスEffect MonsterRockEARTH47002100
Gladiator Beast Lanista剣闘獣ラニスタEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND418001200
Gladiator Beast Laquari剣闘獣ラクエルEffect MonsterBeast-WarriorFIRE41800400
Gladiator Beast Murmillo剣闘獣ムルミロEffect MonsterFishWATER3800400
Gladiator Beast Retiari剣闘獣レティアリィEffect MonsterAquaWATER31200800
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